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The Goals and objectives for which the Society is established shall be as under:

  1. To foster fellowship and bring together all SRFTI Alumni on a common platform.
  2. To encourage, foster and promote close relations between SRFTI and its alumni.
  3. To discuss matters pertaining to SRFTI and to convey its opinion about these matters to the Academic Council and Governing Council of SRFTI and also to attend to matters referred to it by Councils.
  4. The Association would either propose its nominees for the ex-student representative in Governing Council & any such other committees or in case the institute decides the candidature it has to be ratified by the alumni association.
  5. To serve as a liaison and facilitator between the institute and present students of SRFTI only when approached formally by the SRFTI Students’ Association or the institute. However the alumni association would maintain distance and would not intervene in the regular day-to-day affairs concerning the functioning of the institute.
  6. To organize film festivals and screenings, seminars, lectures, symposia, exhibitions, visits, competitions etc., to keep alive the learning spirit of the past and present students.
  7. To promote awareness and knowledge about SRFTI and also to interact and have liaison with the industry with an intention to greater co-operation.
  8. To disseminate information about the association and members of the alumni to improve communication among the Association and the industry by publishing newsletters, magazines, brochures and pamphlets, creating and maintaining an Alumni Information Centre and creating an interactive website.
  9. To actively and supportively promote and develop the interests of SRFTI as an academic institution.
  10. To guide and assist alumni who have recently completed their courses of study at SRFTI to obtain employment and to engage in productive pursuits.
  11. To conduct annual meetings of all its members for mutual interactions.
  12. To create an up to date online database of members and compile and distribute directories of the same. The aforesaid database will also maintain the basic information (like year of passing, stream etc) of all SRFTI graduates.
  13. To create and improve a database related to all aspects of the film medium and industry to provide a tool for alumni to share resources in all filmmaking ventures.
  14. To provide cost-effective information and greater publicity to SRFTI graduates learning and working in order to facilitate their placement in industry.
  15. To take care of the interests and needs of its members.
  16. To constitute awards / prizes for meritorious achievements.
  17. To establish mutually beneficial linkages with other alumni associations and to establish reciprocal relationships with members of other associations, establish chapters of the association and explore opportunities of creating twinning relationships with other alumni associations.
  18. To pursue any other objectives consistent with the above aims and objectives of the Association.
  19. To make representations/correspondence in lawful manner to arrange meetings, conferences, seminars, with the Authorities concerned.
  20. To publish books, chart, illustrations, journals, magazines, and periodicals and other publications in different language for the promotion of above aims and objects.
  21. To accept donations, grant, present, gifts and other offerings in the step of movable and/or in the shape of immovable properties for the attainment of the aims and the objectives of the society.
  22. To purchase /acquire the land/or the building in the name of society for the upliftment and fulfillment of the aims and objectives of society.
  23. The society shall be a non-profitable society and all its acts/activities shall be done on no-profit-no-loss basis.